Polymaker Ambassador

Our Polymaker Ambassadors are very active members of the 3D printing community, they help us seeking amazing 3d printing project to support.

Austin aka Zombie Hedgehog

I am Austin, known as Zombie Hedgehog. I am a 3D printing enthusiast who builds custom printers, designs 3D models, and helps run the Polymaker Discord.


A maker and tinkerer from the US. I enjoy dabbling in a large variety of hobbies including 3D printing, custom 3D printers, electronics, CAD design, reading sci-fi & fantasy, board games, and video games. When I am not tinkering in my basement, I am spending time with my wife and two young children.

I have been 3D printing since 2020. I mostly print in PLA but also prints with PETG, ABS, and ASA when the application requires it. I mostly design 3D printer parts, home goods, and toys. I prefer working with Klipper firmware as it lets me continually fine-tune my printers and push them to their limits. You can find some of my designs on my printables page

Can aka Bear

Hello, my name is Can, pronounced like the "g" in "giraffe" and the "un" in "unexpected." Alternatively, you can call me Bear. I am a Turkish student and a passionate enthusiast of 3D printing. Since 2021, I have been actively involved in exploring the capabilities of 3D printers. Currently, I own a Creality CR10 V2, which I have heavily modified to enhance its performance and expand its functionalities. This has allowed me to experiment and push the boundaries of what the printer can achieve. In addition to 3D printing, I have a keen interest in flying RC planes and honing my skills in programming. I am proficient in Python and JavaScript, which have enabled me to develop innovative projects and bring my ideas to life. One of my ongoing endeavors is the Polybot project, where I am investing my time and efforts.

Nathan aka Nhchiu

Hello, my name is Nathan, but you will most likely see me with the ID nhchiu on the internet.
I first learned about 3D printing in 2014 at my university. In 2016, I started learning CAD and designing my own 3D printer. Since then, playing with CAD and building DIY 3D printers has become my main hobby.
In the early days, I only printed with PLA, but ever since I started building my first Voron 3D printer in 2021, I have experimented with many more materials such as PETG, ABS, and PC. It's surprising that I now use ABS and ASA much more than other materials.


Veteran, General Contractor and jack of all trades, master of some,
who likes to see every opportunity as a learning experience and loves to create.
Throughout many years have had the opportunity to be influenced and guided by many great mentors.
Interests include general electrical/electronics, automotive/autobody (build/design), and woodworking.
Other interesting bits, Tower rigger/climber, Radiography tech for pipeline/valve inspection.
Master Electrician. Master Welder. Farmer. Cattlemen. Husband and Father
Hobbies include laser, cnc milling, 3d printing, CAD design, arduino electronics, and teaching basic CAD
I never want to stop learning. There is always something new to be discovered or to try.

James aka Medic

Hey there! My name is James AKA Medic. I enjoy 3d printing, tinkering, and playing video games on occasion. I enjoy printing anything from simple trinkets to more practical prints. My full-time job and passion is photography focused on products. There is no better feeling, personally than seeing a photo you took show up on a website for all to see. I enjoy all things tech and computer related and really enjoy the cutting edge of tech. I have 3 wonderful kids and am happily married to my wife of almost 14 years! I also love helping people by nature so if you ever have an issue or question, feel free to ask, If I don’t know the answer I can find someone who does. I also enjoy all things Star Wars and of the “nerd” variety…


My name is bob, or bob from California on YouTube, I love tinkering, and making things, especially with my 3D Printers. For example i print game props for my son, and friends, functional prints that do stuff. I also like to give my 3D printed items to people for free, so maybe I could get them into 3D Printing too! I share this hobby with my son and my wife and currently I am pushing the boundaries on the amount of space we have in our house.
In conclusion, I love 3D printing, welding, cnc metal working, drones and all things Star Wars.